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Cooked durable

Smoking chambers UKM Classic

General-purpose professional. The smokehouse is designed for industrial and craft production of smoked meat products. It enables to carry out automatic thermal processing of smoked meat products, i.e. reddening, warming-through, drying, smoking, cooking, baking and showering without any additional handling operation.

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Smoking chambers UKM Central

The UKM Central smokehouse enables the thermal processing of smoked products in the temperature range from 40°C to 110°C. All the steps of the process, i.e. reddening, warming-through, drying, smoking and cooking are carried out automatically without need of any additional manipulation between individual steps.

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Baking chamber PKMH Horizontal

Baking chambers enable to carry out the automatic thermal processing by cooking and baking. They serve for treatment of all types of products ut to the temperature 220 °C. The chamber is suitable for thermal processing of ham and similar products in leak-proof casings of moulds. The horizontal cooking chamber is equipped with slots to ensure the optimal circulating air flow and temperature distribution. 

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Smoking chambers UKMH Horizontal

The horizontal smokehouses enables to carry out thermal processing of smoked meat products in particular on grates in the temperature range from 40°C to 110°C, i.e. reddening, warming-through, drying, smoking and cooking without additional handling operation. Smoking chambers are applicable for thermal processing of all types of products, e.g.: frankfurters, sausages, salamis, meat, poultry, fish, cheese, etc.
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KMD air conditioned post-ripening and drying units

The KMD air conditioned post maturing and drying units are designed for the second fermentation phase of the durable thermally unprocessed meat products or drying of thermally processed durable meat products. They are suitable for fermented products with starter culture and also GDL or classic production of durable salamis, sausages, ham, bacon and smoked meat.
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Thermo combined installation TCI

The transport system enables the automatic transport of trolleys into the smoking or cooking chamber, their subsequent automatic shifting from the cooking to chilling section after thermal processing and the subsequent dispatch after cooling-down.

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