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Obchodzimy 25 lat!

W bieżącym roku obchodzimy 25 lecie naszej działalności. Dzięki dużemu doświadczeniu które zdobyliśmy w tym czasie , jesteśmy najlepszym dostawcą rozwiązań technologicznych dla wędzarnictwa w przemyśle mięsnym.

Thanks to the rich experience, we have gained during this time, we have become the sought-after supplier of the technological solutions for meat and smoke meat industry.During this period we have sold 4000 smoking chambers and almost 250 air conditioned chambers to customers worldwide. Over 25 year's period of activities on market, the Mauting company has captured the position of the leading and important supplier of quality machinery and equipment for meat industry almost all around the world. At present the Mauting company ranks among the worldwide best and most successful companies manufacturing the technology for meat and food industry. The company yearly presents quantity of innovations to its customers at the international fairs throughout the world. We wish to carry on the tradition of our products also in next years and to be able to offer to our customers always the best solutions.We are much obliged to our customers for their loyalty and impulses regarding permanent improvement of our services.