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Cooking chamber VKMH Horizontal
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  • the VKMH Horizontal cooking chamber is a device that enables the automatic cooking process
  • in heat exchanger design it can also be used for the drying process
  • they are intended for products on grates
  • the chambers are suitable for processing most types of meat products that are not smoked, such as sausages, ham, pate, meat
  • they are equipped with vertical slots to ensure optimum, fully horizontal airflow that flows along the grate products
  • thanks to vertically oriented slots, it is possible to use a cart with almost any number of floors, without the need for adjustment
  • Perfect construction ensures perfect insulation without thermal bridges, rigidity and long life
  • the technological process of heat treatment is controlled by a microprocessor control unit, according to the set program
  • the chamber may be equipped with electric, steam or gas heating
  • it is possible to choose a number of variants to meet the needs of each customer
  • the chambers are designed with regard to special customer requirements