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We were addressed by the turkey meat processing company in Belorussia

At the end of 2020  our technicians went for installation of maturing chambers to Belorussian town of Astravec and commissioned the curing chamber with smoke KMZ 9 and the maturing chamber KMD 40 with DAF1 air flow systems.

Montaż kompleksu komór na Ukrainie

W 2020 roku dostarczyliśmy do naszego klienta komory wędzarnicze i szybkiego schładzania,komory do wedzenia zimnym dymem i suszenia,dla produkcji wyrobów obrobionych termicznie i przetworów fermentacynych.

Satisfied customer with the Mauting´s airconditioned chambers

In 2019 we assembled KMZ 24 and KMD 63 maturing chambers in Belorussia, this was followed by the delivery of KMD 28 CrossFlow maturing chamber in July, 2020.

Mauting´s cooperation with the  embassy to support of the developing countries

In the presence of the Czech republic´s Ambassador has been inaugurated the deboning line at specialized school in Erdene in Mongolia at the end of the September 2020.

The Realization of the  big project in Russia

Complex of 5 Mauting ripening chambers KMZ36 with system DAF2 and 2 pcs of maturing chambers KMD198 CrossFlow, designed, produced and installed to a customer in Novosibirsk.