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    Valtice, Czech Republic

"Producimos productos de la más alta calidad con énfasis en el valor agregado para nuestros clientes".


El primer aparato vendido a un cliente a Canadá.


Vendemos tres turbo cámaras de ahumar y enfríar UKM 2008/ZKM2008 con ocho carros y sistema de transporte a Japón.


Celebramos 25 años desde la fundación de la compañía. Extendemos la oferta de nuestrostros productos y continuamos con hacer las innovaciónes de aparatos, por ejemplo mejorar arder sin llama en el productor del humo.


Construcción de cuarto sala de producción de extensión 2 000m2 con espacio para depósito de productos, baño de ácido para desoxidar y una línea para producción de PUR paneles.


Es realizada reconstrucción de sala de prueba con nuevo equipamiento para desarrollo e ensayo de nuestros productos.


We introduce innovative solutions for new food-processing trends - Baking chamber with rotation of the trolley PKM ROTO.


We celebrate 20th anniversary, we extend the portfolio of our products and furthermore our best attention will be given to our customers worldwide.


Development of new innovative air conditioned DAF and CrossFlow chambers


We continuously innovate our products and increase the production - now there is 134 employees in the Mauting family.


A critical year in many in many points. We succeeded to deliver first equipment in United States of America, we extend production by wine growing program and we are completing the 3rd factory building. We will participate in the first trade fair Vinex.


The separate designing and development group is arising. Our strategy consists in higher stress on development and design. This has proved useful. We sell our 2000th smoking chamber in October.


We were awarded the" Zlatá Sekyrka" appraisal by association of butchers and slaughterers.


The additional building of 2nd factory building is in progress.


We celebrate the sales of 1000th smoking chamber. We innovate our technology by design programs and a quite new information system which increases the efficiency of our work and quality of our products.


First delivered equipment in Southeast Asia.


We build the superstructure of the administration building and install ISO 9001 quality management system.


First Internet pages come into the world. In the production we forward by step and manufacture fist air conditioned chamber. We export first smoking chamber in Venezuela.


We approve the first new production premises in Valtice. We started to export in Russia. We are connected with the Internet!


We carried out first sale in Australia. For the first time take part in trade-fair in Sydney.


We will take part in IFFA trade-fair in Frankfurt. For the first we export in Africa.


We extend our activity - in addition to established Prague subsidiary we buy the location in Valtice for our new head office.


We were awarded „Zlatá Salima" prizing. Export of the first smoking chamber in Germany.


We make partnership with the first distributor, we take part in the first trade-fair abroad, The Mauting registered trade-mark is recorded!


We start selling in our country. We realise also the first sale abroad in Slovakia. We buy the production area in Hlohovec. We take part in the first trade-fair.


Start-up the Mauting s.r.o. company