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Quality products

Chilling chambers Mauting ZKM 2004


Our products are characteristic with the top standard quality and properties bringing the considerable competitive advantages for their users. Only the certified materials and elements proved in hundreds of installations are applied at their manufacturing.

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we celebrate 25 years

We have been on the trade for 25 years

We thank our employees, partners, customers and suppliers who helped Mauting  to build the company to  international extent by their  effort and professional proficiency.

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Know how and innovation


Our competitive advantage is an interconnection to German market and from this resulting need of high quality of our supply companies and the final products. Thanks to innovations and lower costs we offer the most advantageous product from the price/output ratio point of view.

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Customer services

Smoke ripening chamber


We are customer oriented company being aware of the fact that the real success may be achieved only when our clients become successful thanks to our products. Therefore we offer to our customers top service concerning technology, process optimization and increasing efficiency of meat production.

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General Regulation on Personal Data Protection

General Regulation on Personal Data Protection

In compliance with the introduction of general regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR), which has been in force since 25 May, we have updated our General Terms and Conditions of Delivery (VSDP). We do not change anything in the context of providing our services as far as you are concerned but please pay great attention to the updated conditions. Click here to view the complete version of VSDP.

Innovation of control systems

Innovation of control systems

Mauting has innovated M2015,  M2016, MIC 900 and MKA500 control systems. They will be installed to all the machines on regular basis from September 2017.

The largest meat processing plant in Russia renovated  thanks to Mauting products

The largest meat processing plant in Russia renovated thanks to Mauting products

In February 2016 Mauting realized a big order of modern MAUTING equipment for meat processing plant OSTANKINO in RUSSIA, read more..

Innovative solutions

Air Flow system of air conditioned chambers

Customer zone

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