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MAUTING technology at the client in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Tulumovic company, the traditional producer of meat products, for whom the quality is the priority, has chosen the MAUTING equipment for their production.  Satisfaction of the client has been prov

Production of dried meat sticks in our chambers

An American producer of meat products bet on our smoking chambers and this spring we have installed two electrical smoking chambers – type UKM 2002.E -  for production of dried meat snack sticks.

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Within twenty-seven years of operation in the market we have attained the position of the front-end and important supplier of the high-quality machines and equipment for the meat industry throughout the world. We are a flexible and globally acting provider of complex solutions in teh area of meat processing.

Treatment of the products in Mauting chambers

The Mauting company offers solution for both industrial and craft production but also for restaurants and small plants.

Our vision is to be flexible and globally acting provider of complex solutions in the meat processing area, which provide competitive advantages to customers.

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