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Since its foundation the Mauting company has dealt with manufacturing of machines and equipment for the meat processing industry. In particular we specialize in equipment for thermal processing of meat, i.e. smoking chambers, cooking chambers, chilling chambers for intensive chilling of smoked products, air conditioned cold smoke pre-ripening and curing units for production of fermented thermally unprocessed products, air conditioned post-ripening and drying units for maturing and drying of thermally un processed and processed products and boiling kettles. The main manufacturing program is completed with manufacture of slaughter-houses for livestock, cutting lines, installation of rails in chilling rooms and meat production premises and installation of transport systems in meat processing industry.

Within 30 years existing operation on the market, the Mauting company has captured the leading post of the important supplier of quality machines and equipment of meat processing industry almost all over the world. At present the Mauting company belongs among the largest and most successful companies worldwide which manufacture the technology for meat processing and food industry. Yearly the company presents quantity of innovations and news items on international trade fairs worldwide.

The key attributes of our products:

  • Accurate and superior control
  • Minimal losses
  • Uniform climate
  • Consistent quality
  • Own programs and for unique formulas
  • High safety and hygiene level
  • Modular and reliable construction 
  • Quality processing