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Vision of the MAUTING spol. s r.o. company:

„To be flexible and globally acting provider of complex solutions in the meat processing area, which provide competitive advantages to customers."

and with reference to stated vision it declares the Quality policy:

1. To provide the flexible reactions to customer's requirements and stabilized environment for carrying out the activities which have an influence on product quality and its placing into operation by building and consequent improvement of quality management system of the company and in this way to consolidate the confidence of customers in the ability of our company to deliver products of required quality and satisfy the customer's expectations.

2. For satisfying of customer's requirements , to provide keeping of customer's requirements in the grocery store area, effective and fast solutions by increasing of our company workers competence and by action on contractors to reduce the occurrence of consistencies.

3. To offer to customers the complex solutions their requirements a needs for competitive prices at low costs and in his way to ensure permanently financial resources for the company development.

For carrying out this quality policy, the company management undertakes:

  • to discuss the quality policy with all company employees to provide its understanding and daily performance.
  • to state and at least yearly to update the concrete ratable quality targets according to the stated quality policy.
  • to create the conditions for satisfying the stated targets including providing the necessary financial and human resources.
  • to check regularly the fulfilment of realisation program of individual quality targets and achieving target values or if needed to order the correcting measure.
  • to enable increasing the know-how of employees in both profession and quality management area.
  • continuously to improve the system affectivity of quality management by means of improving its processes.
  • to review the suitability and urgency of quality policy also due to continuous changes.
  • the quality policy results from eight principle of ČSN EN ISO 9001 standard provided that the company management undertakes do keep the related legal frame.

- the company management expects from its employees:

  • responsibility for the quality of own work become stronger by self-control of own work results with a target to prevent consistencies.
  • knowledge and accurate keeping the stated quality management system procedures including the quality policy.
  • active cooperation at improving of installed quality management system by observation form submitted to the company management.