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The most used questions regarding our smoking chambers, air conditioned chambers and another equipment are stated here. In case of interest will you contact here.

Is it possible to rebuild the chamber after a certain time of operation, e.g. from electric to gas heating?

Yes, the adaptation is possible.

Is the Mauting firm ready to buy back older equipment or replace with a new one?

Yes, will you contact your sales manager.

Is it possible to order the spare parts for older chambers?

Yes, our service department has the common used spare parts at the disposal or we can to replace older types with new.

Are smoking chambers suitable for processing of fish?

Yes, the smoking chambers equipped with cooling enable the cold smoking in the temperature range 18°C to 30°C. This solution is applicable for processing of fish, seafood and cheese.

In which way is the Mauting chamber assembled?

All Mauting chambers are designed as the unit construction, by request it may be fastened with screws an also welded together. The design and special sealing material provide the perfect tightness and rigidity of the whole unit on site after assembly.

What material are Mauting chambers made?

All material use for their production are approved for application in the food premises and provide the operation efficiency, perfect insulation and considerable saving of power. The chamber is made of stainless chromium-nickel steel with ground surface or pickled surface treatment.

Is the Mauting company owner of ISO 9001:2008 certificate?

Yes, in 2002 we got through process of quality management system certification successfully. We would like to declare with this step, that all processes in our company are monitored and checked so that the high quality of our products and maximum benefit for our customers might be achieved.

How do you provide the repair in case of fault location in your equipment?

After notification of fault, our service department provides the maintenance engineer attendance on the fault site, till 24 hours. The maintenance engineer locates the fault source and as soon as possible provides the repair of the equipment.

Can I use other smoking trolleys as from the Mauting company?

Yes, provided the trolley size corresponds with required chamber dimensions.

Can I roast meat loaf?

For roasting of meat loaf or similar products, the chamber has to be provided with additional heating up to the temperature of 160°C.