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MAUTING informs on COVID-19-pandemy

Even in these difficult times, when the coronavirus threatens our lives, the Mauting company is in operation. We accept orders, manufacture and dispatch goods, read more...

The visiting at the Austrian customer

Look at the representative video of the customer DORMAYER who bought our smoking chamber three years ago, that is suitable especially for smaller platns, although they produce a wide range of products.

Satisfied customer with the Mauting´s airconditioned chambers

In 2019 we assembled KMZ 24 and KMD 63 maturing chambers in Belorussia, this was followed by the delivery of KMD 28 CrossFlow maturing chamber in July, 2020.

Enlargement of the meat-processing plant in Belorussia

We delivered next 3 pcs of three-trolley smoking chambers with steam heating, type MAUTING UKM 2003.D, to our satisfied customer within the modernization of the existing premises.

Mauting´s cooperation with the  embassy to support of the developing countries

In the presence of the Czech republic´s Ambassador has been inaugurated the deboning line at specialized school in Erdene in Mongolia at the end of the September 2020.

Mauting realized big order in Ukraine

in February 2020 Mauting installed to Ukrainian customer the complex of the smoking, chilling, ripening and maturing  chambers for the production of the fermented and heat-treated products.