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IFFA 2019, Frankfurt / Germany

NewsIFFA 2019, Frankfurt / Germany

We would like to thank you for taking your time to visit our booth during the IFFA 2019 fair in Frankfurt, Germany. It was a pleasure to meet you, giving us the great opportunity to share and exchange our thoughts and experience.

The innovation of the MAUTING chambers ´ door

NewsThe innovation of the MAUTING chambers ´ door

The development department is now working on innovating double doors, the new way of hanging and sealing the door pays more attention to the functionality. We also offer our customers the improvement to the guillotine door where the pneumatic drive is replaced by the electromechanical way.


customer appreciation

Newscustomer appreciation
The letter sent by the russian customer whom we devised, produced and installed a big complex of smoking, chilling and maturing chambers including the thermo combined installation TCI.

Universal mini air conditoned chamber KMU MINI

NewsUniversal mini air conditoned chamber KMU MINI
KMU MINI - the professional assistant for small butcher shops, restaurants and markets. It ensures the processesof start of feremntaitonb, fermentation, smoking, drying and storage.